Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Roidin' Boisycles

The C.O.T. is a great place to ride a bike.  Boise photographer and bike enthusiast, Ray J. Gadd, shares a few of his favorite photos he's taken of various methods of biking around Boise.
Downhill Convention - Taking in the scenery of the Boise foothill trails
Night Rider - Rallying the Boise foothills at dusk
Inversion Excursion - Riders rally in anticipation of the Inversion Excursion alleycat race
Sky Five - Air high-fiving out at the Eagle Velo Park
Skidtastic - Fixie fun
Locked Up - Whippin it real good
Leaps & Bounds - Cyclocross race out at Lucky Peak
Crit - Boise's very own Twilight Criterium