About The C.O.T.
The C.O.T. is a website designed with the intention of promoting a stronger sense of culture and self appreciation in Boise, ID, "The City of Trees." Our main focus is on art, music, photography, clothing, video, and pretty much anything else we consider "cool" going on in the area.

Contact Information
Email us at thecotboise@gmail.com
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Please email us if you have any suggestions, links, photos, video, stories, upcoming events, information, or anything else that you feel would be pertinent to "The C.O.T." or the fine people of Boise, the Treasure Valley, or the great state of Idaho.

Local Bands and Musicians - We wanna hear your music.  We also want to help you share it with as many people as possible.  In order to make this possible, put your song(s) or video(s) up on a website like Youtube, Bandcamp, or Reverb Nation and email us the link, so we can embed them into our music blog for all to see.  We can also provide a link to your myspace page, but in all honesty, myspace is kinda lame.  The artists currently profiled on the music page are friends of The C.O.T..  We want to make more friends, so help us help you.

Local Artists - We wanna see what you've created.  Feel free to send us any pictures, scanned documents, links for what you are doing, as well as information on upcoming shows so we can share them on the blog and or calendar.

Local Restaurants and Business - Email us when you have specials or cool stuff going on and we will add it to the calendar or the blog.  We want people to break from the "chains" and stop "eatin' good in the neighborhood" and start supporting local restaurants and businesses.