Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Coolest Bike in Boise Contest. Round 1

Thanks to all who participated in our "Coolest Bike Contest."  Here is your chance to vote on whose bike is the coolest.  The winner will receive a free C.O.T. shirt.  Cast your vote on our poll located here on the homepage.  Polls close at midnight on Wed. June 8.  Spread the word!
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The C.O.T. Pre-rapture Scavenger Hunt List

On this the predicted day of The Rapture we heathen's rally like the rakish, gluttons that we are, racing around the City Of Trees in hopes of scoring free swag. To  score said swag, be the first sinner to get a picture of each of the following things and report back to us at our booth in the Linen Building. We encourage that you be in the picture. We encourage that you be doing something ridiculous in the picture. In spirit of Boise bike week there are multiple bike related objectives.  First place receives two free C.O.T. shirts and two free downloads of the C.O.T. Mixtape.  2nd and 3rd places each receive 2 free mixtape downloads.  We suggest teams of 2.  Good luck.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


The C.O.T. is proud to present our first batch of limited edition C.O.Tees.   The shirts will be available this Saturday (5/21) at our booth at the Community Progressive farmer's market.  The farmer's market takes place at the Linen Building from noon to 4p.m.  There will be a limited supply, so don't miss your chance to own the original.  
Much love to our buddy Jake at MVP Sportz.
-White and Grey in sizes S-XL-

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The C.O.T. Scavenger Hunt Saturday May 21!

Be the first person to come to our booth at the linen Building
and show that you have completed the list of tasks 
around the downtown Boise area and you will be the winner of a limited edition C.O.T. shirt and more!
You will need a digital camera or phone w/camera and
the eye of the tiger!

Coolest Bike in Boise Contest!

It's Boise Bike Week and in honor of that, The C.O.T. is going to have a "Coolest Bike" contest.  This Saturday from noon to 4pm, come down to our booth for the Community Progressive at the Linen Building and get your bike's picture taken.  We'll choose four finalists, post the pics on the site, then fans will vote for the winner.  Coolest bike wins a free C.O.T-shirt and the title of "Coolest Bike in Boise!"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Here's your plan for Saturday...The Community Progressive!

This is an event that must be attended if you are going to be in Boise on Saturday May 21st.  In addition to all of the great stuff going on, The C.O.T. will be making an appearance and will be selling T-SHIRTS!  There will also be official "The C.O.T." stickers!  More details on this to come.

Click on the Image to Enlarge and see the full Poster
This is an event that must be attended if you are going to be in Boise on Saturday May 21st.  In addition to all of the great stuff going on, The C.O.T. will be making an appearance and will be selling T-SHIRTS!  There will also be official "The C.O.T." stickers!  More details on this to come.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Here we have Youth Lagoon...

THE YEAR OF HIBERNATION - to be released digitally on
July 5th (soon to be followed by 10" vinyl)
One of our main goals at The C.O.T. is to help Boise-area bands and artists grow their audience and succeed.  We are not so sure Youth Lagoon even needs our help.  In a time when teenage pop stars can instantly become famous for having a notoriously bad song, Boise's Youth Lagoon, a project of Trevor Powers, shows that you can quickly gain attention the old-fashioned way, by making damn good music.  In anticipation of the July 5th release of its album "The Year of Hybernation" on Juno Beach Records, YL's music has been getting a lot of deserved attention and praise from a respectable amount of indie music blogs and websites.  This includes being featured on Pitchfork's "Forkcast," which is a pretty big deal.  We won't get into too much detail describing Youth Lagoon's sound, this post includes a schmorgasboard of links to places that do just that.  Just listen to the music. The first two songs we heard and thoroughly enjoyed are on the "July + Cannons" two-song single.  Click here to watch a video for the song Cannons on our "videos" page.  Now you can listen to a third YL track called "Montana" on BIRP.fm right here.
Montana by Youth Lagoon

More Youth Lagoon:
Boise music blog Audiomilk (which you should bookmark) does an in-depth interview with Trevor Powers that gives a lot of insight into the world of Youth Lagoon.
YL on Pitchfork: Forkcast
YL on Audiomilk
YL on Bandcamp (Download July + Cannons free)
YL on Fader
YL interviewed by The Real Alex Chapman

Friday, May 6, 2011

Pie Hole settin' up shop in Scow Town

Boise's delicious pizza by the slice restaurant, Pie Hole, is opening up a location on Main St. in Moscow, ID.  That one seems like a no brainer.  It is likely that a slice of potato bacon will taste pretty darn good after a few tubs of Busch Light.  
Go here for more details.

Eat this John Oliver!

You may have already heard that Daily Show comedian John Oliver ripped on our beloved Boise Library and its choice of punctuation (if not you can watch the video below)!
At The C.O.T. we understand making jokes at other peoples expense! We have a sense of humor and can laugh at ourselves!  However, when he says "recently I went to Boi(z)e, Idaho for the first and, God-willing, final time,"
now we have beef!  I mean really, how bad could his visit to the C.O.T. have been!?  Sorry we don't have a giant ferris wheel dude!  We love our library and its "weird" sign!
Too bad there's no sign in John's home town that says "Orthodontist!"