Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Uber Tuesday Preview 8/30 @ the VaC

Uber Tuesday 8/30 (More info here)
Sons of Guns (La Grande, OR)

Hillfolk Noir (Boise)

Neo Tundra Cowboy (Boise)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Eilen Jewell Returns to the Gem State.

Former Boise High grad, Eilen Jewell, is returning home to play the Egyptian theater this Saturday (8/27, 8pm, $19).  The Boston-based Jewell, a.k.a. "The Queen of the Minor Key," was kind enough to take some time from her busy tour and do a little interview just before making her way back to the City of Trees.
The C.O.T.: What do you miss most about living in Boise?  
E.J.:  Aside from my friends and family, I miss the proximity to the mountains and wilderness the most.  I miss those mountains so much, I had to go to Burgdorf to write the material for my new album.  The homesickness gets too distracting.  
The C.O.T.: What is something you don't miss?  
E.J.:  I've got no love for the inversions in the winter.
The C.O.T.: Did you spend much time playing the Boise scene starting out?  
E.J.:  No.  Performing came later for me, when I was in college in New Mexico.
The C.O.T.: How has growing up in a city like Boise, or a state like Idaho influenced your music?  
E.J.:  I think growing up in Boise nourished in me a love of simplicity, a no-frills aesthetic.  I really love to hear the space between notes.  That sense of space is something I attribute to growing up in the wide-open, big sky American West.
The C.O.T.: Aside from the obvious population and size difference, how does the Boston music scene differ from the Boise scene?  
E.J.:  The Boston music scene is about as diverse as a music scene can be.  There are a couple of prestigious music schools there that attract people from all over the world and create a constant influx of new musicians.  I haven't attended any of them, but I hear they're pretty great and are the reason that Boston has an even stronger music scene than most cities of its size.
The C.O.T.: Do people ever ask you, "What the hell is a Kalimotxo*?"  
E.J.:  People ask me that all the time, except in Boise and the Basque Country.  When I explain to the uninitiated what a kalimotxo is they make a grossed-out face, or just look puzzled.  Hey, more for me.
The C.O.T.: Favorite place to eat in Boise?  
E.J.:  The Red Feather!
The C.O.T.: Favorite place to get a drink in Boise?  
E.J.:  That's a close tie between Bar Gernika, Bardenay, Red Feather and Bittercreek....I often have a hard time deciding where to go.
The C.O.T.: Favorite summer activity in Boise?  
E.J.:  When I was a kid I used to love to float the river on an inner tube.  Now, to be honest, just taking a walk at night is more my speed.  After the city has cooled off a bit and the stars are out, the trees and lawns are smelling so good...there's a sense of peace and well-being that's hard to find elsewhere.
The C.O.T.: Do you ever see yourself settling down back in Idaho?  
E.J.:  Absolutely!  I'm very eager to move back.  I'm just waiting for the right time.  Hopefully that time will be soon.
The C.O.T.: Is there anything else you want to add about your show at the Egyptian?  
E.J.:  This opportunity to perform at the Egyptian is a great honor for me.  I can remember going there as a kid, the paint was peeling off the walls.  It seemed like the theater was just hanging on by a thread.  I'm so proud of Boise for restoring it and supporting live music there.  I think it speaks volumes about the community.
*Kalimotxo = Red wine and Coke, a popular drink in the Basque Country

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Uber Tuesday Preview 8/23

Uber Tuesday @ the VaC
Sequined Dress: A Vitamins Music Video from Matthew Zammit Shorr on Vimeo.

Youth Lagoon and Shades @The Reef. OMFG!

So we don't really say stuff like OMG, but when two of our favorite Boise bands are teaming up to do a show, we start talking like a giddy tween.  Anywho, the show takes place this Tuesday (8/23) at 9:00p.m. at The Reef.  The $5 cover charge is well worth it to see bedroom indie rocker Trevor Power's live in the C.O.T. before his highly anticipated album drops in Sept. and he takes his musical brain-child on a big-time tour.  In addition you will get to enjoy the chilled-out sound of Shades as they harness their live performance skills.  We caught their debut performance and it was quite impressive.  It should be a damn good time.

Montana by Youth Lagoon
Ghostlike by Shades.
Youth Lagoon - Cannons (Shades remake) by Shades.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

55 and up demographic is covered

Thanks to Impact Directories, we have a nice little ad in the phonebook.  Now we just need to remember how to use one.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Uber Tuesday 8/16 Preview

Here's a little preview of this weeks Uber Tuesday show at the VaC.  We definitely encourage everybody to get there to see good friend of The C.O.T., Neil Young, before he heads off to Namibia for two years.  Should be a good one.  More info here.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A preview of friday's show at the VaC - Typhoon(PDX) - Finn Riggins(BOI) - Dark Swollows (BOI)

Portland's Typhoon, coming off a performance on Letterman

Finn Riggins "A Whale, A Fish" video...very "deep"
finn riggins // Session #5B // A WHALE, A FISH from Sahale Jensen on Vimeo.

Still searching for some Dark Swallows on the interweb, but they are local and we've heard good things so get there early and check em out!

Go here for more info on the show
hope to see everybody down there, it should be solid!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Uber Tuesday - 8/9 - Radiation City, Flashlights, SHADES, Talk Math to Me

Here's a little preview of this week's Uber Tuesday show down at the Visual Arts Collective.  Portland's Radiation City and Denver's Flashlights will join Boise's own Talk Math to Me along with Shades who will be giving their first live performance.  It should prove to be a real kick in the taint.  Doors open at 7 and things should wrap up relatively early for all you suckas who have to work early the next day, so no excuses.  More info here.

Latest tracks by Shades.