Thursday, August 21, 2014

Some Good Local Hip Hop

Here's a nice little video from local emcee, Wagner, featuring some tight rhymes and good shots of our fair city.  Not to mention some sharp headwear.

Monday, August 11, 2014


As you have probably noticed, we have been slacking pretty bad with updated content on the blog.  I recently had a baby and several of the people who helped with C.O.T. business either moved away or started new jobs that left too little time to commit to our cause.  In addition I have elected to spend my extra time working on my creative outlet, The C.O.T. merchandise, as opposed to sharing and promoting the creative endeavors of others (I know, I am selfish).
That being said, The C.O.T. blog is not done, just in a transition mode.  If you have any ideas or are interested in being a part of that transition, please shoot me an email at thecotboise@gmail.com. Also if you are a band coming through town or a local artist looking for some promo, continue to contact us if you like, but please don't be upset if we aren't able to work with you at this time. 
Thanks for your support and patience,