Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Like The Blood" Out Today!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Inspired Homiez…with a ‘Z’

Growing up in McCall, Idaho isn’t always the peaches n’ cream life everyone assumes it is. In a small, isolated Idaho town it’s often hard to find an outlet. Some people get wasted, some "get sick" (some do a little of both). The problem with the latter is that McCall’s exposure to the outside world is about 1/1,000,000th that of Tahoe, SLC, and other ski mecca’s, which is part of the reason why we think it’s so rad. So how do skiers and snowboarders pull off doing what they love, where they love, and still get some love? Well, here’s a pack of filthy dude’s that have taken matters into their own hands.

Idahomiez is new web series edited by local, cult ski enigma Brandon Becker. The show features Becker and a crew of righteous McCall natives doing what they do best, getting sick…in very humble and genuine fashion. The show is produced by Inspired Media Concepts, a media collective run by Tanner Hall (yes that Tanner Hall), ski porn director Eric Iberg (Idea, Retallack), and the late, great C.R. Johnson (R.I.P.). Inspired Media has started a series of site-specific, web shows shot and edited by local crews. Becker doesn’t remember exactly how it all came about, but somewhere during the course of idle correspondence with Iberg, he was given the Inspired Media’s blessing to put together one of these shows based out of Idaho. And thus, Idahomiez was born.

The first episode, “Low Tide”, is up on youtube, idahomiez.com, their facebook page, and at inspiredmedia.tv. “Low Tide” is a beautifully shot and edited piece that contains some engaging glimpses of intimate humanity that are rarely seen in the genre. Becker told us future episodes are scheduled to drop in March and June and will feature backcountry shredding around Burgdorf and the “barnmade” snowboards of the ever-elusive Martin Campbell. If the next episodes are anything like “Low Tide”, consider us stoked.
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sex, Death, and Sunshine

It is with great pleasure that we present to you...Sun Blood Stories.  Songs of "sex, death, and sunshine" straight from the mind of Ben Kirby.  Oh yeah we forgot time travel.  Kirby, who teams up with Atomic Mama's Danny Kerr to form the band Talk Math To Me, has recently put a mish mash of songs up on Bandcamp in what he is calling "Early Recordings Of Early Songs Of Sun Blood Stories," or as the kids are calling it "EROESOSB."  While the recordings may be rough, Kirby's voice is anything but, making these seven songs incredibly easy to listen to.  Looking forward to hearing the "late songs of early songs of Sun Blood Stories," or whatever comes next.  Sun Blood Stories will be performing at the VaC on Feb. 5th and will hopefully be able to play one of the shows we are putting on down at Payette Brewing Co. over the next few months.  
Listen to "EROESOSB" right here:

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Art of Brian Imlay

Draco's Demise
We are very excited to share some more original artwork.  This time from local artist Brian Imlay.  It is very cool stuff and we are happy to share it. Also, Imlay has a musical side project called Laughgasm, which we have embedded a few tracks from to go along with the artwork.  Enjoy!
Coming Into Being

Channeling Flight Out Of Thought

Gravy Train by Laughgasm

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bodies In The Sun

Check out the debut E.P. from Atomic Mama, "Bodies In The Sun."  It is available for digital download on Bandcamp and also at local record label Barn Owl Records.  It is awesome!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Atomic Mamawesome!

Last night the Linen Building was rocked by three of the best bands in the area.  In celebration of the release of their debut E.P. "Bodies In The Sun," Atomic Mama, joined by Shades and Finn Riggins played to a packed house at one of the venues for the upcoming Treefort Music Fest.  The massive crowd consisted of an eclectic mix of people, providing even more proof of the growing momentum of the Boise music scene.  We were fortunate enough to pick up a hardcopy of the Atomic Mama E.P. which will be available digitally on Jan. 24 through Barn Owl Records.  The Atomic Mama duo (who seem to have added Garth Algar on the drums, "I like to play":) have been gaining a lot of attention lately, including a nod in that Nylon Mag write up on the Boise music scene.  However there was little of the Mama available to be heard outside of their highenergy live show.  Their track "Psychocilin Roboboogie provided an epic finish to The C.O.T. Mixtape, but that just left us wanting more.  Thankfully now we have Bodies to fulfill our Atomic Maternal needs.  Overall the show was a hoot.  Shades was solid as they ready for the release of their new album to be released also on Jan. 24 from Synthemesc Records.  And of course Finn Riggins killed it as usual.  We can't wait to see more shows of this caliber and are super excited to see that more and more people are getting on board with the growing music scene here in our beautiful city.
Atomic Mama @ The Linen Building
Shades @ The Linen Building
Finn Riggins @ The Linen Buildin
Tapes by Shades.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fitz & The Tantrums, by the Beav

A couple weeks ago the manager of the band Fitz and Tantrums contacted us here at the C.O.T. asking if we would be interested in repping their upcoming show, or actually going to it. Even though I’d personally never heard them, I was totally stoked about this. This is part of our vision at the C.O.T. As part of our commitment to the progression of the Boise arts and culture scene, we not only wish to heighten awareness about our own über talented community of artists, but also alert you to acts that choose to play the beautiful City of Trees rather than skipping over it en route from Seattle to Salt Lake. We know Boise is dope, and we want to continue to see sweet acts stop here, experience the burgeoning scene, and spread the word about the C.O.T. As a result, from time to time we will post something about touring acts or entertainment that we think deserve your attention.

Fitz and the Tantrums
In a recent interview, Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane lamented the lack of showmanship present in music and entertainment today. You could say the band playing the Knitting Factory Tuesday night was of the same mindset, and their commitment to reinstating showmanship in live music was made obvious. 

L.A.’s Fitz and the Tantrums hit the stage with style and energy that would bring a tear to Seth Macfarlane’s eye. The group’s penchant for bravado, however, should not overshadow the fact that this is group of very talented musicians. Fitz (Michael Fitzpatrick) and the sultry Noelle Scaggs, belted their way through a high-energy set of soaring, Motown inspired neo-soul, backed by some seriously talented instrumentalists (especially reed-savvy James King, kudos). Even out in the alley after the show, you could still feel the buzz reverberating through the crowd. It was like a neo-soul train had just run through the Knit.

In a day and age when there are so many bands on the scene, it’s vital to make yourself standout. Even though Fitz and the Tantrums aren’t exactly my sound, after attending countless indie shows full of apathetic, beanie bobbing kids too hip to move their feet, it’s refreshing to feel the rush of an involved crowd’s energy. Likewise, it’s kind of refreshing to see people playing actual instruments…lots of instruments…played well. These are the things that make a band like Fitz and the Tantrums stand out in the crowd, and moreover, make them a show worth attending.
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

1/20 Steve Meyers at Payette Brewing Co

111 West 33rd Street, Boise, Idaho 83714 - No Cover - 21 and up
Food from Archie's Place

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Youth Lagoon helps launch Treefort Music Fest

Consider Treefort Music Fest officially launched thanks to Youth Lagoon, Mozam, Lerk, and a packed house on a Monday night at The Reef.  The show, led by current "godfather" of the Boise music scene Eric Gilbert (Finn Riggins), was created to promote awareness for Treefort Music Fest, an emerging artist festival coming to Boise in March.  Youth Lagoon, the musical endeavor of Boise-native, Trevor Power's came out of nowhere in 2011 with it's very well-received debut album ,"The Year Of Hibernation."  The album found a  place on pretty much every indie-rock blog's "best of" list for 2011, garnering an impressive fan-base worldwide.  The sold-out crowd made it clear that YL has plenty of support from it's hometown and that it's success should be a huge positive for the up and coming Boise music scene;  not only by gaining more attention from outside places, but also by drawing these types of crowds at local shows, allowing artists like Mozam and Lerk to share their music with more listeners.  In fact, the show was so packed, we were pretty much stationary for the entire time, which explains the same vantage point for all of the photos (can you guess where we were standing?)  That's not to say that there wasn't plenty of head bobbing, foot tapping, dancing, and even a mini-congo line that included Powers himself.

A pleasant surprise of the night was the opening set by local producer LERK, a.k.a former Youth Lagoon guitarist Erik Eastman.  His beats were sick and we are excited to see even more musical diversity coming to the Boise scene.  Some highlights of the set were a beat with a YL sample along with another, subtly borrowed piece from Miley Cyrus' Party in the USA.
LERK making a filthy beat @ The Reef
Next came Mozam (apparently he's dropped the "Beaks" and added an accomplice) who pretty much blew the flames out on the tiki torches at the venue.  Mozam's primarily instrumental music sounds great at home, but is even better live, where one is able to get a taste for the creative manner in which Trevor Kamplain produces his exotic and original sound.

Mozam @ The Reef (Trevor Kamplain on the right)
Mozam @ The Reef
Mozam, what was in that glowing box?  Marcellus Wallace's soul?
Finally came the main event, reminding us that some music does have words.  The production on the vocals of YL's debut album, The Year Of Hibernation has an intentional lo-fi quality that might make many wonder what Power's might sound like live.  The answer is that the dude sounds even better live, which definitely not the case with a lot of artists.  Most impressive is how polished YL's live set is after such a short time on the road.  The band seems on point and ready for it's upcoming European tour, that includes dates in Australia and Japan.  In spite of all of his recent success, Power's carried himself like a typical Idahoan... humble, laid-back, and happy to be home.  Dressed in a vintage, white and pink Idaho shirt from who knows where, Powers led us through most, if not all of Hibernation, ending the set with with his song "July," a track that was a catalyst for YL's jump into national recognition.  Thankfully YL promptly came back up for an encore performance of "Daydream," one of Hibernation's more upbeat tunes, proving that people were still very much into the show, even though many likely had to get up in only a few hours.  All in all it was a damn good time had by all and we are looking forward to covering more events in The City of Trees.

Youth Lagoon @ The Reef
Youth Lagoon @ The Reef
Youth Lagoon @ The Reef
Youth Lagoon @ The Reef

Friday, January 13, 2012

Mozam Beav

Mozam Beak's album Creme de la Kremlin, as reviewed by The Beaver Log...

Though Mozam Beaks’ Crème de la Kremlin came out last summer, I was remiss in not giving the album a proper review for you, the masses, to ponder. So in light of Mozam’s first live show last week at the Neurolux, I’ve decided to retroactively turn you on (those of you who missed it the first time around) to one of my favorite albums to come out of the City of Trees this past year.

Seconds into the opening track the sound slithers its way into your bloodstream like warm narcotic. The album plays like the soundtrack to your most vivid childhood fever dreams. This is what Rudyard Kipling heard while he wrote The Jungle Book and Riki Tiki Tavi. This is what Maurice Sendak had in mind for the film adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are. This album is otherworldly, eerily reminiscent, and invitingly dark. It envelops you in a humid, wearily welcomed, sonic cocoon from beginning to end. I typically black out for the approximately 33 minutes that the album runs, awaking sticky with sweat and peculiarly at ease. I usually hit play again.

Embrace this unreasonably warm January, or if winter ever gets here, float away to warmer worlds by popping on over to bandcamp.com (or possibly Record Exchange?) and picking up Mozam Beaks’ Crème de la Kremlin.
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

On Tap for 2012

2011 was a big year for art, music, and culture in The City of Trees and it doesn't look like things will be slowing down in 2012.  TEENS is recording a new album.  SHADES, Atomic Mama, Night Genes, and Owlright all have much-anticipated January releases.    Youth Lagoon has a huge spring tour coming up including dates in Australia, Japan, and all over Europe.  Oh yeah, we have giant music festival coming in March (TREEFORT).  Payette Brewing Co. has been kicking ass and taking names and will also have live music pretty much every weekend starting Jan. 20th.  Here at The C.O.T. we finally launched our official line of merchandise and will get our online store off the ground in the next few weeks.  Matt Jones of Audio Milk is "taking his talents" to a new endeavor called Deer Lodge, where he and up and coming Boise film maker Tyler T. Williams create mini-documentaries showing "artists in their natural elements."  Not to mention new bands seem to be popping up left and right.  As we said, there is a butt-load of cool stuff coming to and from Boise this year and it is our pleasure to share it with you as we go along.
In order to start your 2012 off on the right foot we have posted some newer songs and videos to transition you from the Christmas Spirit into The C.O.T. spirit.  

Here's a double-dip from Finn Riggins.  Both tracks have been released in the last couple of months and are a nice little taste of what is on the horizon for one of Boise's most talented and established bands.

OLD EARZ is the new side project from David Wood of TEENS.  Word has it that there will be an E.P. coming soon.

"Cyber Me" is the first single off of Night Genes' upcoming album "Like The Blood," due out Jan. 31st.

This song has been out for a little while, but we felt it was important to share in lieu of Atomic Mama's debut E.P. "Bodies In The Sun," which comes out Jan. 24.

"Sun Path" is one of our favorite tracks off of Metaphoria the new album from Workin' On fire.  CD release Jan. 31st at The Record Exchange.
Sun Path by workinonfire

Tyler T. Williams does another stellar job, this time on the official video for Youth Lagoon's song July.

A cool little teaser video for Shades' upcoming album "Clear Motions."

Video for The Awful Blue by Storie Grubb and The Holy Wars

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shebang Highlights!

 Here are a few photos from Dec. 23rd's Big Shebang down at Payette Brewing Co.  It was a damn good time and we hope to do more, similar events.  If you weren't able to make it, you can get an idea of the type of merchandise we are creating.  Several items have sold out so we are in the process of reordering and producing more.  Look for these items to be available for online purchase soon on our website.  Thanks again to everyone who made it out.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Art of Joshua Hon

Not only does Boise local Joshua Hon do some gnarly ink drawings, he also produces some killer music under the moniker "Epogy."  Below we've posted some of our favorite drawings of Hon's along with a mix of tracks by Epogy embedded in between.  This is exactly the type of stuff we love at The C.O.T. so if you are a talented artist in the Boise-area like Josh Hon then get in touch with us and we will do our best to share what you create.
Universe Made Of Atoms
Low Power

Our Techno Lives

Guilty As Charged

Beginning 2 Fly