Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Treefort 2014 Recap

So a third Treefort Music Fest has come and gone and I believe I am just now fully recovered.  My wife and I just had a baby so I had to sneak away as much as I could to see some of the 4 trillion bands that perform over the 4+ days.  I managed to catch quite a bit and still stay out of the doghouse thanks in part to the great organization and infrastructure the festival has.  From my point of view, Treefort is here to stay and is something that is truly great for this city.  That being said I do have three ideas that could improve the festival in the future:
1.  Above the big sections of port-a-potties, post signs that say "PeeFort."
2.  Have people on the corners giving foot massages (My dogs were barking after day one, even in my most comfy shoes).
3.  Make one day (maybe like Saturday) a unofficial themed dress-up day.  I'm envisioning like a crazy thrift shop theme where anything goes.  This could be partnered with that Community Closet thrift shop that has been there the last two years, so anybody who doesn't get the memo can pick up some gold cowboy boots and a fur vest.  

Treefort peeps or anybody else, feel free to steal these ideas, because I think with these additions Treefort would be complete.

While out and about I captured some random videos with my iPhone and edited them together (an app did most of the work).  These videos can be seen below.  We also have our Instagram pics embedded above along with the official hashtag #treefort2014 if you want to see the shots we took as well as many others.  Can't wait til #treefort2015.