Saturday, May 21, 2011

The C.O.T. Pre-rapture Scavenger Hunt List

On this the predicted day of The Rapture we heathen's rally like the rakish, gluttons that we are, racing around the City Of Trees in hopes of scoring free swag. To  score said swag, be the first sinner to get a picture of each of the following things and report back to us at our booth in the Linen Building. We encourage that you be in the picture. We encourage that you be doing something ridiculous in the picture. In spirit of Boise bike week there are multiple bike related objectives.  First place receives two free C.O.T. shirts and two free downloads of the C.O.T. Mixtape.  2nd and 3rd places each receive 2 free mixtape downloads.  We suggest teams of 2.  Good luck.

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