Monday, May 9, 2011

Here we have Youth Lagoon...

THE YEAR OF HIBERNATION - to be released digitally on
July 5th (soon to be followed by 10" vinyl)
One of our main goals at The C.O.T. is to help Boise-area bands and artists grow their audience and succeed.  We are not so sure Youth Lagoon even needs our help.  In a time when teenage pop stars can instantly become famous for having a notoriously bad song, Boise's Youth Lagoon, a project of Trevor Powers, shows that you can quickly gain attention the old-fashioned way, by making damn good music.  In anticipation of the July 5th release of its album "The Year of Hybernation" on Juno Beach Records, YL's music has been getting a lot of deserved attention and praise from a respectable amount of indie music blogs and websites.  This includes being featured on Pitchfork's "Forkcast," which is a pretty big deal.  We won't get into too much detail describing Youth Lagoon's sound, this post includes a schmorgasboard of links to places that do just that.  Just listen to the music. The first two songs we heard and thoroughly enjoyed are on the "July + Cannons" two-song single.  Click here to watch a video for the song Cannons on our "videos" page.  Now you can listen to a third YL track called "Montana" on BIRP.fm right here.
Montana by Youth Lagoon

More Youth Lagoon:
Boise music blog Audiomilk (which you should bookmark) does an in-depth interview with Trevor Powers that gives a lot of insight into the world of Youth Lagoon.
YL on Pitchfork: Forkcast
YL on Audiomilk
YL on Bandcamp (Download July + Cannons free)
YL on Fader
YL interviewed by The Real Alex Chapman

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