Monday, June 6, 2011

Time to bust out the SHADES

With the summer solstice just around the corner, we feel there is no better time to introduce you to Boise band, Shades.  The chilled out, experimental pop of Shades sounds as if it were filtered through the condensation on your ice-cold beer bottle (or beverage of choice).  "Now your stuck in my head, and you can't get out," a line from the song "Ghostlike," pretty much sums up the effect of all four of the songs Shades has released so far.  From what it sounds like, these guys are still working on the details of their live show setup, but seem to have no problem pumping out good music.  In addition, one can download all four tracks from their Sound Cloud page.  These tracks fit very nicely onto any "Chillin' at the pool/Boatin'/BBQ/Boozin' on the patio" playlists you may make in the near future.  Enjoy!
Latest tracks by Shades.

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  1. Yeah--Mellow, cooled-out, laid-back, floaty, les bois tunes.

    -voto positivo