Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Metaphoriacally Speaking

Workin' On Fire (Boise, ID)
Today we had the pleasure of sitting down with Boise band Workin' On Fire to discuss their new studio album "Metaphoria," which has recently been released digitally (iTunes, CD Baby, SoundCloud) and will be available on hardcopy at The Record Exchange January 31, 2012.  A lot of the buzz about this rock trio comes from the fact that they are just seniors in high school (Boise High and Timberline), but after meeting with frontman Austin Williamson and bassist Peter Maguire, it is clear that they possess the maturity as well as the talent to be heard and respected by anyone.  It was great hearing that these guys have a strong respect for the music of the past, drawing much of their inspiration from artists like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jim Morrison, and Slash from G n' R to name a few.  A little bit of Axle Rose can be heard in Williamson's vocals as well as a bit of the sound of the artists mentioned earlier, but the band has developed a style of their own on Metophoria, which is the band's third release.  Another admirable quality of WOF is their appreciation for the full "album," which is refreshing in a day when buying only one or two mp3s from an artist has become commonplace.  Metaphoria even has a secret song at the end to go along with a nice balance of electric and acoustic sounds.  Workin' On Fire is a talented young band that deserves your attention and support.  You can listen to the album, "Metaphoria," right here on The C.O.T via Sound Cloud.

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