Friday, December 16, 2011

New Single From Night Genes

Night Genes
Cyber Me by Night Genes

Cyber Me is the first single released off of the upcoming album "Like The Blood," Night Genes' second full-length album due out January 31st.  Night Genes is the brainchild of Eric Ingersoll, a Boise-native who has been playing music for a long, long time.  Many may recognized him as the former bass player for alt-blues band Smooth Old-Fashioned High (R.I.P.).  Night Genes' infancy was spent in the Boise scene, playing a several shows with some assistance on keys, maracas, and the tambourine from The C.O.T.'s own Streeter Johnson, and Russ Lodge on drums.  Soon Ingersoll decided he needed a change of scenery and moved to San Francisco where he teamed up with another Boisean, David McFadden-Elliott (The Shitty Osmonds), as well as adding some assistance from Amy Foote.  While the depth of Ingersoll's voice might be lead one to question if he went through puberty an extra time or two, it quickly grows on you as you listen.  The man is a true writer (that's actually what he does for a living) and you can easily see it in the stories he tells.  "Cyber Me," is a song about Ingersoll's ambivalent relationship with the internet as well as loneliness.  If you are new to Night Genes then below you can check some tracks from their first release "Two Phantoms And A Holy Ghost," available on iTunes.
Night Genes by Night Genes

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