Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tracks of the Week

Every Sunday of every week The C.O.T. will be posting a pair of local tracks that we think you need to hear.  They may be new, they may be older, but either way they are going to be awesome!  We figured at this point we should probably post a track from Boise's golden boy Trevor Powers (Youth Lagoon).  We chose "Bobby," which is actually a bonus track off of YL's debut album "The Year of Hibernation."  It is, in our humble opinion, the better of the two bonus tracks and a possible preview of what's to come from Powers.  The second track is a demo track from Sun Blood Stories.  As the title suggests, it's a sappy love song, which must make us suckers for sappy love songs because we love it.  Enjoy and have a good week.
Youth Lagoon - Bobby (Bonus Track) - The Year Of Hibernation

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