Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Designs and Colors Available at Treefort (Fri-Sun @ Main Stage)

Over the past few weeks we have been working long hours in our shop/garage printing a ton of new merch for Treefort Music Fest.  All of our original designs will be available along with several new designs and color combos.  Below is just a little preview of what will be available.  Whatever is leftover from the fest will be available online for those who can't make it.
PBR2D2 (From the mind of The Beaver)
The Support Boise Music Shirt is an original design by The C.O.T.
100% of the proceeds from these shirts will be used to help The C.O.T.
promote music in The City of Trees. This includes the funding of the
following endeavors:
-Production of hard-copy CDs of The C.O.T. Mixtape Volume II (A two
disc compilation of local artists and bands).
-The creation of a new independent record label dedicated to Boise-area artists.
-Raising funds to support other local organizations involving the
Boise music scene.
See The Support Boise Music shirt below:

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