Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tracks of the Week

Every Sunday of every week The C.O.T. will be posting a pair of local tracks that we think you need to hear.  They may be new, they may be older, but either way they are going to be awesome!  
 This weeks tracks come from out of state, but from two artists who grew up here in Idaho.  The first is from Boise-native Eric Ingersoll and his band Night Genes, currently based out of SF.  From what we hear, Ingersoll will soon be moving to London.  The next track comes from Seatown from the recently released E.P. "Ocean Howell," by emcee La (Language Arts), featuring filthy beats produced by McCall, ID product "Olee," (Alec Olavarria*).  Both artists are childhood friends and still keep close ties to Idaho and The City of Trees.

*Al Pal, sorry if this is spelled wrong.

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