Monday, April 16, 2012

Beaver Log Album Review: "Ocean Howell," by La (SEA), produced McCall grown Olee

     As untold numbers of bands flood the internet everyday, it has become obvious that bands are searching for any way possible to set themselves apart from the masses. What seems to be getting left out of the equation all too often is one essential element of getting noticed as a band…making good music. Hip-hop has been no exception. That being said it is with pride that we give you Ocean Howell. Ocean Howell is the forth album from Seattle emcee La (Language Arts). Over the past the few years, La has made his name well known on the Seattle scene after dropping some praise laden records and being dubbed 2010 King of Seattle Battle champion. La's rhymes are polished, tight, and witty as hell. Packed with word play and cultural references (the title and every song are named after pro skaters…sick), the album definitely requires multiple listens to fully appreciate the guile with which he crafts his rhymes.
     Luckily, multiple listens are welcomed thanks to the dirty, dirty beats produced by our man Olee. While listening to the easy-like-Sunday-morning soul and jazz samples that Olee employs, you can tell that he is not only perfecting his craft, but has also developed one of the finest create-digger ears on the scene. Production is smooth, mellow, and rich. He makes the music sing and fill out the recording in a way few others on his level are even attempting, let alone achieving. Add in the musician's touch of Miketron on the instrumentation, and your left with a layered, multi-faceted record on which the creators have managed to do multiple things well. Most importantly of which…made good music.
words: beaver
Listen to "Ocean Howell" in its entirety below

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