Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Girl Talk - Show Review

After a pretty rough Memorial day weekend, I was very close to passing on the Girl Talk show last night, but after seeing  mash-up master and party maestro Girl Talk a few years back at Sasquatch, I new I had to suck it up and go.  Listening to Pittsburgh native, Gregg Gillis' music on iTunes is fun, but to truly appreciate it, one must attend the epic spectacle that is a Girl Talk show.   During opener, Spaceman's set, the crowd seemed a bit haggard and unenthusiastic, likely caused by a Monday night show at the end of a three-day bende- I mean weekend.  With work early the next day I chose to limit myself to one $5 Bud Light, which I was nervous would make it hard to truly enjoy a show like this.  

One nice thing about Knitting Factory shows is that they get things going in timely fashion, so soon enough, the main event commenced with an onslaught of balloons, flying toilet paper, copious amounts of confetti and the juxtaposition of pop and hip-hop anthems.  I could not stop myself from dancing (which was reassuring to know that I can still cut a rug without the assistance of booze).  

The lighting and video setup was incredible and probably ridiculously expensive, but it is rad to see how much an artists like Gillis invests in the performance.  While it probably was not the wildest show Girl Talk has ever put on, I would definitely say B-Town held its own, even with the odds stacked against us.  If ever presented with the chance, do not miss seeing the magnificent event that is a Girl Talk show.  We got some pretty sweet video, but not sure if it's cool to upload it to YouTube.  If so we'll put it up soon.  For now these pics will have to suffice.

The Big Sleaze was all about the three in the middle.  C'mon Knitting Factory!

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