Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tracks of the Week

Every Sunday of every week The C.O.T. will be posting a pair of local tracks that we think you need to hear.  They may be new, they may be older, but either way they are going to be awesome!  

May must be toot your own horn month because now, after releasing my own album on The C.O.T. on Tuesday,  both of the tracks of the week are from projects of mine.  The first is from my new band Gazelle Eats Lion and was featured in The C.O.T. Mixtape released last summer.  Look for an upcoming GEL single release as well as a full length album as soon we get time to finish it.  The second track is one of my favorites by me:)  I made it while living in the Basque Country ca. 2008.  I promise I will have nothing to do with next week's tracks.
-Streeter Johnson

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