Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bear Crossing: Lucky 13th

Bear Crossing

On Wednesday the 26th, we stumbled into the Liquid Lounge around 10pm, and amidst the people that had come to watch some amateur stand up comedy sit three gentlemen in a booth patiently awaiting for their debut show in good ol Boise, Idaho.  If you weren’t in the bar for comedy you would have no idea that this grandeur band, Bear Crossing, was about to take the stage.  With only a small Facebook invitation for promotion, Bear Crossing took the stage to beat the odds and win us over with their power ballots and incredible anthems.  
Bear Crossing is on their first tour, and decided to bless us with their new album “Our Friend, Hope.”.  This album is filled with political messages hidden within their face-melting metal beauty.  With lead singer Jason Eure exercising his wide range of vocals, it’s no wonder this band is regularly compared to such bands as Muse, and Mars Volta.  As soon as Liquid was graced with their first song, it was apparent that this band will soon be greeted with a much larger venue in the near future.  
After closing with their single “Kings”, we got to meet these gentlemen from Virginia.  “13 shows in 13 days…”.  This is what Jason explained to me, after apologizing if he sounded a “little off”, which he didn’t.  Like most up and coming bands, this humble trio is touring on their own, selling their own merchandise hoping to make it to the next town.
I recommend you snag their album at a steal of a price of seven dollars… that is if you are into good music.  I wish you good luck Jason, Mason, and Robbie.  We hope to see you back in Boise in the near future, until then, good luck winning others over, although I don’t think you will have too much trouble. Check out their website to give them a listen or you can right below as well. www.bearcrossingtheband.com      

Jason Eure

Bear Crossing
Jason Eure

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