Friday, January 18, 2013

Art Show TONIGHT at The Crux - Jenny Bowler and Catherine Leewaye - FREE!

Listen ya'll. We know there are quite a few things crackin tonight including The Treefort 2013 Launch Party at the Riverside Hotel. And yes, you need to go to this if only to see SHADES rule it and later visit some of the "pop-up speakeasies" going down all over the hotel. I'm guessing music starts at 9 given the 8pm doors. 

But we digress. BEFORE you roll the Riverside you need to take it upon yourself to swing by The Crux, grab a drink, and check out the art of Jenny Bowler and Catherine Leewaye. First off, it's FREE. Right there you should be saying, "Done. I'm going." Need more reasons? The art. Jenny Bowler will be showcasing photography from her 'Never Never Land' shoot. To date Jenny has taken some incredible shots of our local music scene (photo below from the Neurolux) and I'm sure this newest work (see second photo!) will be just as rad. So get on down to The Crux. Show starts at 8PM. 

Photo by Jenny Bowler - from tonight's Never Never Land show!

Catherine Leewaye

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