Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Algerian - Idaho's 'zine of the year?

James McLeod and Jon Metz are bringing back what was once a staple in the skateboard/punk/art community: the 'zine. These guys want to get The Algerian into as many people's hands as possible and at a buck a copy EVERYONE should have one of these effers. The Algerian is a documentation of the Boise skateboarding/band/comedy scene as well as other random punk shenanigans. In it you'll find shout outs and articles on current rippers, old crusties, and some rad photos and banter on whatever's clever in our local scene. 

Inspired heavily by old Big Brother mags and Shaggy's 'Handjob' 'zine, The Algerian is hoping to revive 'zines in Boise and get others to make their own. We just picked up issues #5 and #6 and almost felt like we ripped them off by only paying a buck. The cover photo ALONE on #6 is worth it's weight in gold. So turn off the computer, pick up The Algerian and then get caught by James or Jon doing something stupid so you can be in issue #7. 


  1. I heard these guys were really popular in Europe ...

  2. I'mma let you finish in a second, but the Bluegrass Jamband Eckart Flynnhole Special takes zines to the rivers and beyond!

  3. The best thing about Bluegrass is the fact that it is best played in the shadow of armed terrorist by a tank. With our without a river the atmosphere for fiddlin' should be consistently militant. Thats why Algeria is so popular these days.