Thursday, February 7, 2013

First Thursday - You Are Going

Listen, let's not be subtle about this. Unless you got a damn good excuse, head to downtown Boise tonight for First Thursday. Of course we encourage you to hit it as much art-related shiz as you can handle during your First Thursday experience. But make sure you visit The Crux at some point for the Re-Vision show. Tonz of art. Coffee and beer. Good looking people. The C.O.T. will have a table there and you are mandated to say hello. 

Artists include: Bruce Maurey, Tony Caprai, Kelly Morgan, Sector Seventeen, Anne Boyles, Will Eichelberger, Andrew Mason, Mónica Galván Mason, Storie Grubb, James McKain, and Lauren Haney. 

Will Eichelberger

Sector Seventeen

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