Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Our Treefort Top 25 (Pics)

Matt Dalley and the Treefort brass were kind enough to provide us with a photo pass.  We are very thankful because it allowed us to see the festival from an angle many didn't have.  Treefort round 2 was incredible and we were able to get around to quite a few shows, often wanting to put the camera down and enjoy the music.  Here's 25 of our favorite pics that we took, in no particular order.  You can read our thoughts and comments on the festival in the captions.
Get it Sharon!
Delicate Steve playing a secret show.  His 20th time in Boise in the last year or so.  This is my favorite band right now so I feel lucky to have seen them so many times.  I know all the lyrics;)
"Big Ups" to Finn Riggins for all they do for the Boise Music Scene.  Kickin' things off at the El Korah.  They were like the only band with visual effects at that stage which I thought was weird.
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
Claire L. Evans of  Y△CHT.  This picture needs no comment
This was the only usable photo from the Japanther/Thermals period at the Linen Building.  Shit got cray cray.
YACHT, YACHT, YACHT, YACHT, YACHT, YACHT! (in Lil John voice of course)
Joke stolen from Dave Miller of Psychic Rites 
Not sure I've ever seen a bandmember chugging chianti straight from the bottle on stage.  Touche Walkmen.
Treefort Monster gettin' jiggy wit' it at The Walkmen
Lead singer of The Walkmen watchout!  The Treefort monster is about to come grind on you! 
A shot from atop the mainstage Treefort.  We were soon kicked out of the fort so the monster could come hang out.  I gave it a hug on the way down.
Love this Treefort Monster
I didn't think this would happen, but we were able to make it to all three Built to Spill sets.  Thanks BTS for your role in making Treefort so rad and for being the coolest band ever
Brainstorm gettin' after it.  Getting down in that photo pit was so cool.
French Horn Rebellion was a show we really wanted to see and they surpassed all expectations.  Where can I get one of these jackets.
Community Closet from Livingston Montana was a huge hit at Bricofort.  Band members got one free item and had to sign this lusty lady.  I was amazed at how much time and thought they put into the items they selected.
Jake Warnock of Atomic Mama and now Youth Lagoon
Beautiful "clear skinned mountain people"
Youth Lagoon.  We were gonna see if Trevor would rock a C.O.T. shirt on stage, but it seems he had other wardrobe plans
It's a ssssnake
Let the "going ape shit" commence @Dan Deacon
Ol' Doug.  This photo may have been taken by Shaun Shannon on my camera but he probably doesn't remember
Dan Deacon does more than just organize mass dance parties.  He also makes great music.  Did you know he created that "Drinking out of cups" youtube video with the Gecko?  I was disappointed that the DD app didn't work and sucked all the juice out of my iphone
Brother Ali closin' things down, at least for us.
We took this same pic last year.  You think they would fix this after an entire year (or maybe they are cool and don't give a rats ass)

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  1. Sweet I missed a lot of the hype bands but oh well :) bought one of t shirts .