Saturday, April 13, 2013

Red Hands Black Feet

We've been meaning to share local "intrumental post-rock" band Red Hands Black Feet's recently released album "These Things Are Important," for awhile now and are finally getting around to it.  RHBF describe the album as one that 
"represents the first two and a half years or so of the four of us figuring out how to write together and developing our sound.  It was a process not without growing pains.  We wanted to embrace the dramatic rise and fall of standard post-rock while avoiding a lot of the droning and directionless wankering that can take over a lot of instrumental rock music and alienate many uninitiated listeners, but we also didn't want to make an album that asked nothing of the listener.  In other words, we wanted to make an album that requires some effort to appreciate but that makes the listener want to put forth that effort."

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