Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sex, Death, and Sunshine

It is with great pleasure that we present to you...Sun Blood Stories.  Songs of "sex, death, and sunshine" straight from the mind of Ben Kirby.  Oh yeah we forgot time travel.  Kirby, who teams up with Atomic Mama's Danny Kerr to form the band Talk Math To Me, has recently put a mish mash of songs up on Bandcamp in what he is calling "Early Recordings Of Early Songs Of Sun Blood Stories," or as the kids are calling it "EROESOSB."  While the recordings may be rough, Kirby's voice is anything but, making these seven songs incredibly easy to listen to.  Looking forward to hearing the "late songs of early songs of Sun Blood Stories," or whatever comes next.  Sun Blood Stories will be performing at the VaC on Feb. 5th and will hopefully be able to play one of the shows we are putting on down at Payette Brewing Co. over the next few months.  
Listen to "EROESOSB" right here:

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