Monday, January 30, 2012

Inspired Homiez…with a ‘Z’

Growing up in McCall, Idaho isn’t always the peaches n’ cream life everyone assumes it is. In a small, isolated Idaho town it’s often hard to find an outlet. Some people get wasted, some "get sick" (some do a little of both). The problem with the latter is that McCall’s exposure to the outside world is about 1/1,000,000th that of Tahoe, SLC, and other ski mecca’s, which is part of the reason why we think it’s so rad. So how do skiers and snowboarders pull off doing what they love, where they love, and still get some love? Well, here’s a pack of filthy dude’s that have taken matters into their own hands.

Idahomiez is new web series edited by local, cult ski enigma Brandon Becker. The show features Becker and a crew of righteous McCall natives doing what they do best, getting sick…in very humble and genuine fashion. The show is produced by Inspired Media Concepts, a media collective run by Tanner Hall (yes that Tanner Hall), ski porn director Eric Iberg (Idea, Retallack), and the late, great C.R. Johnson (R.I.P.). Inspired Media has started a series of site-specific, web shows shot and edited by local crews. Becker doesn’t remember exactly how it all came about, but somewhere during the course of idle correspondence with Iberg, he was given the Inspired Media’s blessing to put together one of these shows based out of Idaho. And thus, Idahomiez was born.

The first episode, “Low Tide”, is up on youtube, idahomiez.com, their facebook page, and at inspiredmedia.tv. “Low Tide” is a beautifully shot and edited piece that contains some engaging glimpses of intimate humanity that are rarely seen in the genre. Becker told us future episodes are scheduled to drop in March and June and will feature backcountry shredding around Burgdorf and the “barnmade” snowboards of the ever-elusive Martin Campbell. If the next episodes are anything like “Low Tide”, consider us stoked.
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